Fans Humorously Connect Jofra Archer’s Tweet to Anushka’s Pregnancy Announcement

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma (Credits: Twitter)

England’s all rounder Jofra Archer tweets have been doing rounds for almost a year now. Cricket fans are always curious to dig into his old tweets and have made numerous memes. In fact, his old tweets connect to recent events as many fans nicknamed him as cricket’s ‘Nostradamus’.

Jofra Archer is yet to come clean on whether he time travels and get these predictions right. In fact, comparisons to these stark predictions can be made to Simpsons TV show. On the lighter note though, Archer’s tweet from January 2015 came into limelight today.

After the announcement of Virat Kohli about Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy, netizens were enthusiastic and have shared many funny memes. However, the best one is the prediction of Jofra Archer.

Virat Kohli announced that they are expecting in January 2021. In the tweet of Jofra Archer, the date was “January 5th..”. So, twitter users did not fail to take notice and immediately made it trending.

Here are some of the best tweets complied for you.

Virat Kohli Joins Fathers Club Ahead of IPL 2020

There are many cricketers in Indian cricket team who have already become fathers. Recently we have heard about Hardik Pandya becoming a father. The likes of Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane are all fathers in Indian team. Now, Virat Kohli is the latest to join the club.

Many people including celebrities congratulated the Indian captain upon hearing the news. Also, the news became instantly viral across social media and media alike in India.

Virat Kohli (Credits: IPL)

It is a great news for Virat Kohli fans ahead of IPL 2020. In fact, the baby luck could propel them to a much awaited IPL title. IPL remains one of the major trophies that Virat Kohli needs to win and the burden is increasing with each passing year.

The 31-year old has been playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2008. Although, they reach three finals in IPL history, they failed to win any of them. The onus is on Virat Kohli once again to deliver both as a batsman and captain.

Royal Challengers are once again filled with top talent in batting department. However, the team management needs to find the right combination of bowlers and also the right balance within the team.

If they can achieve this, they there will be few sides to stop RCB when Virat Kohli is in top form. With IPL starting in less than 3 weeks time, all teams are currently in Dubai and are gearing up for training.


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