Rishabh Pant hits 20 runs in 1 over. Leaves Rahul Tewatia angry


Rishabh pant it is one of the most deadliest batsman in the world. Everyone has seen his incredible hitting abilities in the last 6 months. Be it the Australian tour or be it the England tour of India, Pant excelled in all three formats. He showed that his superb hitting technique is second to none.

In the ongoing match between Delhi capitals and Rajasthan Royals fans once again saw this side of Rishabh Pant. He just smashed the bowler to all parts of the park. The unfortunate bowler here was, Rahul Tevatia the leg spinner.

  • Pant hits 20 runs of the over

It was the eleventh over of the match and Rahul Tewatia came to bowl. Rishabh Pant was on the crease. The first ball was a terrible delivery which was short, and wide. Rishabh Pant just smashed that delivery to the left of sweeper cover for a four.

The next delivery was just the same and again Rishabh Pant bashed the ball. This time, through the extra covers for a four on his left. On the next ball, it was a hattrick of boundaries by Rishabh Pant.

Yet again, Tewathia did not learn from his mistake. He again bowled short and wide delivery just like the previous two deliveries. Pant was waiting on back foot and thrashed the ball for a 4 through the long on region.

Fourth wall of the over was marginally better delivery. It was full on the middle stump of Rishabh Pant. He flicked it into the leg side to take two runs. Again, on the fifth bowl, Tevatia bowled a slider. Initially, Pant tried to flick it away but the ball stopped on him and took the leading edge as it went into the cover region.

However, there was no any fielder present there to take the catch. So, Pant ran two and kept the strike for the final ball of the over.

Last ball of the over was again a short and wide delivery. This time, Pant powered the ball through the covers for the fourth boundary of the over.  Consequently, 20 runs came of the massive over and Rishabh pant was well and truly on fire.

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