Watch Suresh Raina holds the neck of Ravindra Jadeja Dhoni Shocked After Butler Wicket


Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja both played for the Indian team for a long time. Then, both of them played for the same IPL franchise in Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Lions(now defunct).

There is a bit of history between the two players. This dates back to 2013. It was a match between India and Sri Lanka. This was a triangular series being played in West Indies. Ravindra Jadeja was bowling to one batsman from Sri Lanka. He tried to hit Jadeja over the infield but miss timed the bowl.

It went up in the air and Suresh Raina from mid off was underneath it. However due to poor sighting, Suresh Raina all together missed the ball. He could not reach it despite the ball being up in the air for quite some time. Jadeja saw this and became really angry over Suresh Raina.

He then said something angrily to Suresh Raina who replied in the same way. Soon the players were eye to eye and a collision could not have been ruled out. But thankfully, for the Indian team the other players intervened and the two were separated.

Raina – Jadeja history

Since then, the chemistry between Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja is always in question. Yesterday again, something similar happened where Suresh Raina held the neck of Ravindra Jadeja, after the bowler had got the most important wicket of Jos Buttler. He was really looking in good touch and was determined to finish of the game for Rajasthan.

But then, Jadeja bowled Butler and he was sent back to the pavilion. Raina who was fielding in the infield came running to Jadeja and celebrated the wicket by holding his neck from behind. This was exactly the same thing which Raina did in the 2013 match.

Only difference was that, during that time Raina was angry with Jadeja and this time he was happy with Jadeja. This picture of Raina holding Jadeja’s neck became viral on social media. It brought fans the memories of the 2013 match altercation between the two players. A lot of fans compared the two incidents and how far have they come from that.



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