Top 5 Gorgeous and Beautiful Cricketer Wives


Cricketers are role models for people across the world. The fame and respect a cricketer earns by playing for his country is truly remarkable. Hence there is always constant media focus on their lives. They often marry secretly to keep their private lives away from the limelight. Despite all this, cricketers are one of the main focus in media over the past few decades.

Cricketer’s wives also play a huge role in the career of the player. Often held away from focus, the wives ensure that the player is in right mind while playing. Here are the most gorgeous and beautiful cricketer wives going around.

Daniella Anderson

Daniella Anderson is married to England cricketer James Anderson. She was a model and presenter before marrying. Daniella was also an advertising executive. She used to live in Monmouth Shire ever since she was 11.

At the age of 18, she began working as a model and soon found breakthrough. Daniella was very popular even before marrying James Anderson. She is definitely one of the finest looking women in cricket fraternity. It is easy to pick her in this list.

Laura McGoldrick

Laura McGoldrick is one of the most famous wives amongst cricketing fraternity. She is known for working in various professions in parallel. In general, she is a journalist and a sports presenter in New Zealand.

She is also an actress and is well known amongst cricket fans after marrying New Zealand cricketer Martin Guptill. She grew up in Christchurch and was closely connected to the sport since childhood. McGoldrick is one of the most beautiful cricketing wives in this list.

Umme Ahmed Shishir

Bangladesh cricketer Shakib Al Hasan married Umme Ahmed Shishir in 2012. The pair is very famous in the country despite Umme Ahmed Shishir not being a model or actress.

She is a software engineer by profession. She became viral when Umme first appeared in a television commerical alongside her husband Shakib Al Hasan.  Umme Ahmed Shishir is by far the easiest pick in this list.

Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer is a well known personality in cricketing world. The model turned into cricket presenter in recent years and garnered attention amongst cricket fans for her looks.

She started her career as a sports journalist back in 2006 and has worked her way up the ladder. Mayanti married Indian cricketer Stuart Binny in 2012 and recently gave birth to their first child. Langer remains one of the most beautiful cricketer wives till date.

Jassym Lora

Lora is a social media influencer and a famous model. Born in Jamaica, she was married to West Indies cricketer Andre Russell in 2016. Jassym Lora began her modelling career in her teen years. She found her first breakthrough at the age of 19.

The pair is blessed with a baby girl named Aaliyah Russell. Lora is closely seen with her husband during matches and is easily one of the most if not the most gorgeous cricketer wives going around.


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