TV Umpire To Call Front Foot No Balls In England vs Pakistan Test Series

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Technology in 21st century has helped cricket to get more advanced. Be it DRS, Hotspot technology or third umpire decisions, the game has moved to greater heights with technologies over the past couple of decades.

With the advent of technologies, the room for error of umpires has reduced to a greater extent. DRS has helped a lot for teams to challenge umpire decisions and it meant teams are getting fairer results. On the other hand, there is still some improvement needed with these technologies.

Last year, BCCI has tried using no ball technology in the series against West Indies on a trial basis. This has reduced a huge burden on on field umpires as they had one less thing to focus on. The third umpire monitored every ball in the series and it helped in a much fair competition.

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The success of no ball technology in India meant, International Cricket Council (ICC) has used it during the T20 Women’s World Cup in Australia earlier this year.

Now, it is planning to use it in the ongoing England vs Pakistan series. The apex body has declared this decision earlier this week on twitter.

“Front foot no-ball technology to be used in ICC World Test Championship series featuring England and Pakistan, with the support of both teams,” the ICC tweeted.

“Performance of the technology in these Tests will be reviewed before any decisions taken on its future use in Test cricket,” it added.

They are planning to check this on a trial basis for this series. If no ball technology is successful in this series, then there is a good chance that it will be used in all the test series in the upcoming years.

Technology is here to stay in cricket and no-ball technology is definitely a huge step forward in cricket. But there are still few things that can be improved as part of no ball technology.

In case if you are are unaware of no ball technology, then it is where each delivery will be monitored by third umpire to check for no balls. If a noball occurs, the decision will be sent to onfield umpire.

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Pakistan begin their tour with first Test against England on Wednesday in Manchester. The three match test series is part of coveted ICC Test championship. The the next two fixtures will be played on August 13 and August 21 respectively, at the Rose Bowl in Southampton.


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