Watch a thrilling last over as Bangalore beat Delhi by 1 run


Bangalore has successfully defended a target of 171 runs in a nail biting encounter against Delhi Capitals. It was a thrilling game with the last over being edge of the seat stuff. In the last over, Delhi Capitals required 14 runs to win the match. Rishabh Pant and Shimron Hetmyer were batting and for Bangalore, the task of defending the target was given to Mohammad Siraj by its skipper Virat Kohli.

Rishabh Pant was on strike, the first ball of the over. Siraj ran in and delivered a low full toss while trying to bowl a Yorker. However, Pant too did a mistake of trying to smash a helicopter shot instead of hitting a conventional shot. He failed in connecting the ball properly and the ball went only as far as deep square leg for a single.

The second ball was a terrific leg stump Yorker by Siraj. Hetmyer could only take a single as he almost lost his balance, but ran somehow for a single. Had there been any fielder at non strikers end, Hetmyer could well have been run out. However, there was no one to collect the throw and the run out chance went begging.

Thrilling final over

Third ball of the over was another brilliant Yorker from Siraj. Rishabh Pant could only pat it back towards the bowler. Till now, just 2 runs had come of the first 3 balls and the pressure was firmly on Delhi to score runs.

With 12 to win in 3 balls, Pant faced Siraj again. It was a full length ball on the pads and Pant flicked it into leg side for a brace. This brought his 50 too, in 46 balls.

Now, Delhi required 10 runs in 2 balls and a boundary was required. But, it was a full toss from Siraj and Pant smashed the ball for a four through point region. He hit it so powerfully that he almost fell on the crease.

It was much needed four for Delhi.

Now, on the last ball of the over, a six was required to win the game . Siraj ran in and bowled a low full toss outside off. Pant was ready for it and carved the delivery through off side for a four. A boundary had come, but Delhi required a six. Hence, they ended up losing the game by one run.

Watch the final over here:


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