Watch a thrilling super over as Delhi beat Hyderabad on last ball of super over. Pant takes them to victory


Delhi Capitals won a thrilling match against Sunrisers Hyderabad. The match was incredibly close, as Delhi just about managed to hold their nerves and sneaked, a win against Hyderabad. After the match, ended in a tie, the two teams fought out for the result of the match in a super over.

This is how the super over went, as Hyderabad batted first.

David Warner and Kane Williamson batted for Hyderabad, while Axar Patel bowled the super over for Delhi.

The first ball of the over was fired in quick and flat at the pads of Warner. He tried to slog it out of the ground, but missed it all together and so, it was a dot.

Again, a flat delivery was bowled by Patel, outside off. This time, the batsman carved it for a single through covers.

Third ball of the over was hit beautifully for a four by Williamson, through leg side, in the mid wicket region.

The fourth ball of the over was flighted delivery. Williamson tried to slog it out of the ground but missed the ball. It was, again a dot.

The final two deliveries were again just singles. Both Williamson and Warner could only hit the last two balls for a run each. So, Hyderabad finished with just 7 runs on the board, in the super over.

In reply, Delhi Capitals sent in Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant to bat in the super over. Rashid Khan was picked as the bowler to bowl in the super over.

Super over and a tie!

The first two ball from Rashid Khan were just two singles, as he bowled tight line and lengths. On the third ball of the over, Pant hit a reverse sweep over short third man to hit a crucial four.

Now, just 2 runs required of the last 3 balls. However, Rashid did not give up and bowled, a priceless dot, the next ball to Pant.

The fifth ball of the over was a fuller length ball as Pant shaped to sweep. However, he missed the ball and it hit into his pads. The players appealed for a LBW, but the umpire remained unmoved. In between, Pant took a leg bye.

Warner then opted for a review, but it was umpire’s call on impact. So, Pant remained not out.

On the last ball, just 1 run was required to win. Rashid again bowled a much fuller and flat delivery that was quick. Dhawan also tried to sweep the ball, but missed it. However, again the ball pinged the pads and dribbled into the vacant side. Dhawan and Pant then, quickly sneaked the single in the form of a leg bye and won the match for their team.

It was one heck of a nerve wrecking game, between the two sides. Delhi, narrowly avoided a double super over, to win the match.

Watch the video of the super over here:



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