Watch : Akash Chopra suggests radical changes in rules of Cricket. His one suggestion will blow your mind.


Former Indian opener in test matches, Akash Chopra has come up with some rather interesting suggestions. These are related with the rules of Cricket and his views on its modification. While some of these rules are only recent changes, some go as far as the basics of Cricket, which has been existing since the world knew cricket.

Lets take a look at some of his opinions regarding the rules.

1) One over more for a bowler who is bowling well.

This rule can be termed as weird. Clearly, this will allow the fielding side to have an advantage in the field. Also, this might unsettle the balance which a captain has to have when one of his bowlers are having an off day.

2) Batsman to be considered bowled if zing bails lit up.

According to Chopra, a batsman should be considered bowled, if the zing bails of his stumps is lit up. Currently, a batter is considered OUT only when the bails have fallen.

3) Third umpire should reverse an on-field decision.

The former opener thinks that third umpire should be fully empowered to make a decision that over rules the on-field umpire’s decision. However, this should happen only when the third umpire is fully sure of his correct decision. As of now, a third umpire can’t intervene in a decision of on-field umpire unless being asked to do so.

4) Extra fielder inside the 30 yards as a punishment for slow over rate.

In this rule, the fielding team has to bring in one extra fielder inside the circle for the duration of time past the designated duration in which the overs need to be completed. This rule might act as a deterrent for the fielding side when it comes to slow over rate.

5) No soft signal for the outfield efforts.

Here, Chopra asserts that the umpires should not be giving soft signals for fielding efforts outside the 30 yards circle. In that case, only the 3rd umpire should give the required decision.

6) Umpires should give the decision as OUT against batsman only when the ball is dead.

In this rule, Akash Chopra thinks that the on-field umpires should wait for the ball to get dead before giving him OUT. By this rule, if a batsman is dismissed on a wrong decision, the team will still get the runs if the ball runs for towards the boundary though byes.

7) No Leg Byes.

Here, the right hand batsman thinks that there should be no rule of leg byes in cricket. According to him, the ball hits the pads of a batsman when he is beaten. Hence, there should be no runs on it as he would be at advantage despite getting beaten.

8) Over head wide should not be considered a bouncer.

In this rule, Chopra is of the opinion that a bouncer should be called only for a legal delivery. If the umpire thinks that it is too high to be called a legal delivery, he should not call it as a bouncer.

9) Only 1 ball from both ends in ODIs.

The ex Indian opener thinks that the previous rule of Cricket in which a bowling side will have only single ball for whole 50 overs should be brought back. As of now, there are 2 new balls, one for each ends. Hence, the most the ball gets old is just 25 overs. It reduces the chance of reverse swing and spin.

10) 8 runs for a 100 meters SIX!

This is the most interesting thing said by Akash Chopra. Here, the current Hindi commentator for Star network states that if a batsman hits a maximum that goes more than 100 meters, he should be rewarded for it. Chopra believes that hitting a six that long requires brute strength as well as impeccable timing. Hence, the batsman should be given the benefit of his stupendous effort.

Watch the video in which Chopra gives his opinions on the matter.


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