Watch Dhoni talks with a nervous Curran. He delivers a wicket 2 balls later.


Chennai Super Kings has survived, an amazing counter attack by Kolkata Knight Riders, to win the match by 18 runs. This margin looks quite convincing for a T20 match, but in reality it was a clsoe game. Kolkata had an incredible come back after losing 5 wickets for just 31 runs.

The match looked over for them when chasing a target of 221 when they required a  strong start. But their openers, and the top order was blown away by Chennai’s, exceptional bowling. By the time the fifth wicket fell at 31, it appeared that the Super Kings would beat Kolkata Knight Riders by more than hundred runs.

However it wasn’t to be, as Andre Russel who is one of the biggest hitters in T20 cricket, Dinesh Karthik and the number 8 Pat Cummins, played some unbelievable shots as the match became close. In the last 5 overs Kolkata required 75 runs with 3 wickets in 5 overs.

Pat Cummins and K Nagarkoti were batting. Then, Cummins smashed Curran for 30 runs in the over, and now Kolkata required just 45 in the last four overs. It was further reduced to 28 runs in the last 2 overs with 2 wickets in hand. Sam Curran, again came to bowl. He was visibly nervous, as he was thrashed for 30 runs by the same Pat Cummins whom he was going to bowl.

Dhoni chats with the bowler

Dhoni understood that and came to Curran. He kept his hand on his shoulders and talked with him. This gave him much needed confidence. Then, Curran bowled a good delivery on the third ball of the over. Cummins could only hit it as far as long off. But, he still went for a double as he wanted to keep the strike. However, there wasn’t a brace available as the fielder fired in a flat throw and the number 10 batsman Varun was run out.

Thus, MS Dhoni conversations with the bowler did work as Chennai got rid of Chakravarthy. Kolkata lost their ninth batsman and now, only one wicket was remaining. The pressure mounted on Pat Cummins to, try and take all the strike.

This was the cause of the victory of Chennai, as the number 11 batsman too, was run out in the final over to, try and pass the strike to Cummins.

No wonder Dhoni is considered, one of the best captains ever, in the history of Indian cricket.

Watch the video here:


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