Watch Dhoni unbelievable backflip almost gets Mohammed Shami run out


It has been more than a year, since MS Dhoni took retirement from international cricket. Dhoni when, he was playing international cricket, was known for his out of the box technique, be at the batting, wicket keeping or leading the team.

Dhoni is the player, who introduced shots like the helicopter shot to Yorker delivery. Also, his unorthodox style of wicket keeping to spinners was great. Or, his run out techniques which includes the backflip, where he could hit the ball without seeing then stumps.

All of it makes MS Dhoni, one of the greatest ever to have taken the cricket field. However, Dhoni once again showed, in today’s match that he has not forgotten, all his skill and the things which he learnt in his playing days, as an international cricketer, is still intact in him.

One movement which took MS Dhoni, and his fans as well as, the fans of Chennai team to the heydays of Dhoni, was his incredible backflip that, almost caught Mohammed Shami short of the crease, while he was making his Second Run.

Dhoni’s sensational backflip

It was the last over of the Punjab innings. Mohammed Shami was batting, where as for Chennai, Sam Curran was bowling. He bowled a widish delivery outside off, as Mohammed Shami sliced the ball, towards the extra cover. The ball was hit sweetly, and the ball went away to the the fielder, at extra cover.

The fielder there, quickly got hold of the ball, picked it up and threw it. However the throw wasn’t exactly, one of the best and it came on, two or three bounces to MS Dhoni.

Dhoni being the man he is, quickly decided to take the unconventional route, to run the opposition batsman out. He stood in front of  the wicket, and as soon as ball arrived, he just give direction to the ball, without even seeing where, the stumps was.

As soon as the ball left Dhoni’s hand, the next thing it hit was stumps. It was once again a brilliant backflip, by Dhoni.

However by that time, Shami had made his crease and had added, two valuable runs for his team.

Watch the video of Dhoni’s incredible backflip here:


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