Watch funny Pant mocking Gill and taking a jibe at him in an IPL shoot.


The IPL is about to begin in, less than a week’s time. The mega T20 tournament will, start from 9th of April and will run till 30th of May. Teams have begun their preparations, well in advance and are leaving, no stone unturned to compete and win the trophy.

Teams are putting their practice, and training videos everyday on, various platforms of social media. Fans are pouring in the love, and adulation on these videos. As the date of IPL comes closer, people are expecting more videos, to come across so that they can watch their, favorite players behind the scenes.

Recently, Delhi capitals has uploaded a video, involving senior players Ajinkya Rahane, Ravi Ashwin and newly appointed captain, Rishabh Pant. This is a rather funny video, in which these players are taunting Shubhman Gill.

The players are shooting for an, advertisement of some brand. In this, Rahane is batting, Pant is bowling, and Ashwin is standing at where, short leg would have been in a match. The Delhi captain then bowls, a playful ball to Rahane who tips it to Ashwin where he takes a catch single handedly, and mock celebrates.

Source – Twitter

Pant teases Gill

After Ashwin takes the catch, Pant turns to the camera and says – Hey Shubhman, this is how you too should field and take catches, at short leg. Then, they share a giggle between themselves. Its a known fact that Gill fields for India, in test matches at short leg position. The duo of Pant and Ashwin were, playfully mocking their team mate Gill.

The trio of Rishabh Pant, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ajinkya Rahane, play for Delhi Capitals. On the other hand, Shubhman Gill plays for Kolkata Knight Riders. However, the camaraderie which the players share while playing for India, was there to see. Just like Pant comments funny things while, keeping wickets for India in international games, he did the same here.

Its just that this was IPL shoot and Pant, was not keeping the wickets while taunting someone. However, funnily enough, his habit wasn’t toned down at all.

It will be interesting to watch just how, does Gill reacts to this jibe from Pant when, the teams of these two youngsters, and superstars in making clash, with each other in IPL.

Watch the funny video here:


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