Watch : Jofra Archer dangerous bouncer to batsman. Almost breaks open his head.


England’s most dangerous pace bowler, Jofra Archer is back to cricket. One of the most intimidating fast bowlers in modern day era, he has the ability to bowl consistently at 90 miles with great line and lengths. Other most interesting thing about Archer is awkward bounce, which makes batsmen tremble with fear. His bouncers at high pace and accurate line is what sets him apart.

The Englishman has made a return to competitive cricket after more than a month and a half. He got injured in the IPL, and had to return to England, for further treatment. Then, he had a surgery for his injury which ruled him out of the IPL.

Since then, Archer was looking to make a return to cricket. Being a fast bowler, its more difficult for him as an urgency could return in more exaggeration of injury. Hence, Archer took his time and came back to play county cricket.

His return to county cricket was more than successful. Playing for Sussex, he took 2 wickets against Kent.

In one of his spells, Archer was back to his fiery best. Bowling to Jack Leaning, Archer delivered a fiery bouncer to him. The batsman was taken aback by the sight of the ball rising and rising as it kept coming close to him.

Batsman barely avoids serious injury

Despite his best efforts, he was in no position to either defend the ball or play a hook or pull shot to the bouncer. In panic, the batsman desperately tried to go down in order to duck the ball. But, such was the pace at the ball that he did not get the required time.

In order to save himself from getting injured by the ball, he fell down. Had he not done the thing, the bouncer could have crashed into his helmet and given him some serious head injury.

At the end of the day, Archer said about his bowling – ” My fitness is good. Moreover, I think I bowled well. I played for second string team of Sussex and felt nice after gaining confidence.Hence, I am in better space after bowling nicely today”.

With India scheduled to play England at their home for 5 tests in July, it will be an interesting battle between Archer and Indian batsmen.

Watch the video of the bowling here:



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