Watch MS Dhoni in conversation with Shahrukh Khan teaches him how to finish games like he did


After three consecutive games, in which the match went to the last over, finally IPL saw a one-sided match. This match finished in just 15 overs as Chennai, easily beat Punjab Kings to collect their first points, of the season.

After setting up the target, of hundred and seven runs in front of Chennai, the match was as good as over in the first half only. The only thing, which could have brought Punjab, back into the match was, top order wickets of Chennai. However, that did not happen and after that it was, just a one way traffic for Punjab.

The only saving grace for Punjab, was the bowling of Mohammed Shami. He took two wickets and, the batting of all rounder from Tamilnadu, Shahrukh Khan. While the wickets kept falling, Shahrukh Khan stood, at the crease and made valuable runs for his team. He scored 47 runs, out of the total of 106 by Punjab.

Dhoni-Shahrukh friendly chat

After the match when the players were shaking hands, with each other Shahrukh Khan and MS Dhoni came, face to face and shook hands. Shahrukh Khan then looked at Dhoni, and smiled and Dhoni returned the favour. Then, he went to MS Dhoni, and started to have a bit of conversation with him.

Dhoni, also was quite interested in, having a chat with the youngster from Tamilnadu. He also is just like MS Dhoni. He is a hard hitter, of the ball and bats at number 6. Also, plays the role of a finisher for his team be it the Tamilnadu team or be it the, franchise of Punjab Kings.

So he naturally, went to the biggest finisher of them all, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He took, some valuable tips and suggestion on, how to improve his game so that, he can also play at international level, for India.

We don’t know what Dhoni, told to Shahrukh Khan but we know, that Dhoni being such a brilliant cricketer himself, knows a thing or two about finishing the games!

If Shahrukh Khan can pick, the brains of MS Dhoni, he will be too good as he has, the skill and the power required, to succeed at international level.

Watch the video of the conversation between Shahrukh Khan and MS Dhoni here:


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