Watch Ravindra Jadeja Clean Bowled Buttler Then See What Raina Did With Him


Chennai won the game against Rajasthan Royals easily in today’s match. The bowlers of Chennai played a huge role in defending the target of 189 against Rajasthan Royals. They bowled brilliantly, particularly the spinners of Chennai were too good on the day for Rajasthan Royals.

Both Ravindra Jadeja and Moin Ali, the left arm and right arm off spinners spun a web of around the Rajasthan Royals, from where they could not find a way to make runs. One such classic was a Jadeja over in which he took two wickets in just three runs. It was the twelfth over of the match and Rajasthan were sitting pretty at 87-2 after 11 over.

With a well set Jos Buttler and Shivam Dube at the crease, the first ball that he bowled to Buttler was a quick delivery and bowled into him. Buttler, the English wicket keeper tried to flick the ball into leg side, but was beaten by the pace and was clean bowled. It was a lovely piece of delivery from Ravindra Jadeja .

Jadeja takes 2 wickets in a over

On the next ball, David Miller took a single as he hit one to leg side from his back foot. Shivam Dubey who was quite struggling until this time with the bat patted a delivery from Jadeja, straight back to him. Then, Dubey sliced the next ball to short third man for a single. On the following ball, David Miller too took a single by hitting the ball to deep square.

It was the last delivery on which Jadeja struck and Shivam Dubey was put out of his misery. It was just a short of length delivery outside off but turned sharply. Dubey tried to swat it off his pads but totally missed it. The ball rammed into his pads. It was so plump that Umpire instantly gave him out.

Even Dubey did not bother to review. In just one over, Jadeja had taken two wickets and gave just three runs. He single-handedly brought Chennai Super Kings on the front foot. This was a double whammy from which Rajasthan Royals could not recover till the very end.

Watch the highlights of the over here:


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