Watch Rishabh Pant does wicket keeping like MS Dhoni. Uses legs to stop the ball


Rishabh Pant is often compared with MS Dhoni, for he is the designated successor of the great man. Be it his wicket keeping or his batting, the comparisons of Pant with Dhoni are always there. Both critics and fans love this, when Pant is weighed in the same box as Dhoni.

In today’s match also, there was one moment which again opened the pandora box of Pant comparisons with Dhoni.

It was the 18th over of the chase of Hyderabad. Kane Williamson and Vijay Shankar were batting at the crease. Amit Mishra was bowling this over. The first ball of the over, was drilled for four by Williamson, through wide long off.

Pant does it like Dhoni!

There was a single on the next ball, by Williamson. It brought Vijay Shankar, on strike for the third ball of the over.

The next ball was a slider, from Mishra. Vijay Shankar shaped, to carve it through short third man. As soon as Shankar played that shot, Pant put his right leg out, to stop the ball. He wanted to interfere with the direction of the ball, by sticking his right leg. It was very similar to MS Dhoni’s way of stopping the ball.

Dhoni also used to stop the similar kind of shots, with the same technique of sticking his pads out, against the ball.

So, naturally there was more comparisons of Pant with Dhoni. Social media was ripe, with such praises of Pant, with MS Dhoni.

Watch the video of Pant’s technique here:


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