Watch Rishabh Pant’s Funny Stump Mic Recording Ball ghoomega to maza aaega in 3rd Test


Rishabh Pant is someone who is known for his theatrics both in front of the wicket and behind it. Fans love him for the way he displays his pyrotechnics on the cricket field.

Pant has always been known for hitting bix sixes. Whether the bowler is a spinner or a quick one, Rishabh can take on the bowlers for huge hits. The only thing which was his short coming was his wicket keeping skills. Now with massive improvements in his keeping, he has become an all round package for India.

One another aspect of Pant is his comical one liners behind the wicket. Sometimes the one liners are a taunt to a batsman who is struggling while other times, he comes up with suggestions for his bowlers.

One such funny suggestion came up when Axar was bowling to Ben Foakes during England’s 31st over. The batsman was playing for the non turning deliveries and was getting comfortable.


Pant saw this and said to Patel – “zara sa ball ghoomega to maza aa jaega”!

This translates to ” If the ball spins a bit, it will be fun”!

What Pant meant was that the batsman has become too comfortable to balls that haven’t turned. Lets spin the ball so that it will become uneasy for Foakes and then it will be fun to watch!

This comical one liner was picked up by the stump microphone and taken well by fans of Pant who are growing in numbers.

You can hear more of Pant’s chatter in this video-:


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