Watch Top 5 Funniest Stump Mic Recording of Rishabh Pant


As of now, there is no doubt that Rishabh Pant is a world class Player. He is a swash buckling batsman and has his keeping improved in the recent months. This, has done no harm to his credentials.

However his constant chattering behind the stumps is also a source of entertainment for the fans. Whether its a taunt for opposition batsman or a word of advice to his team mates, Pant’s one liner are too comical to hear.

In this post, we will see some of the videos in which Pant is saying hilarious things.

In this video, Pant is keeping to Akshar Patel. The left arm bowler is bowling to the English batsmen. After a while, Pant says to Patel in a rather fake accent – “Keep bowling there, Akshar Patel”. The whole sentence is being said in a fake English accent, speaking like an Englishman would speak.

This was a light hearted humor directed at Patel where he asks Patel to keep bowling at the same spot do that it will create more trouble for the batsmen.


In this video, India is playing a test in Australia. Pant is keeping and while doing that, starts singing suddenly a song which says – “Spiderman, Spiderman, tune churaya mere dil ka chain”. This funny song is sung by a local Indian singer in a comical way that does not makes any sense. However, true to his character, Pant keeps humming it like it is the best song of the world! This song also brought also a lot of giggling on the faces of Indian team supporters and their fans.

Video 3

3) In this video, Pant again is on a hilarious trail. In the first test, Washington Sunder the right arm spinner is bowling to English batsmen. While keeping to him, Pant says -“mera naam hai Washington, mere ko jana hai DC.” This means that he was poking fun at Sunder’s name in a harmless way. Since, Washinton DC is the capital of the United States of America, Pant got hold of this and says this in reference to Pant. ” His name is Washington and he wants to go DC”!!!

These are few of the Pant’s videos and one liners where he acts as a source of entertainments not only to fans but to his own team mates!

No wonder, the popularity of Pant is sky rocketing every single day and is likely to increase only in near future.



Video 4


Video 5


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