India Vs Pakistan Asiacup 2023: The last few months have been mixed for the Indian team, where they have experienced defeat and sometimes victory, where the Indian team has maintained its dominance in the bilateral series, the Indian team has lost in the final of the ICC tournament like the World Test Championship. In such a situation, now the Indian team has to show its mettle in a tournament where their tuti speaks for itself, although in the last few years India’s reign is ending from there, yes we are talking about Asia. Of the cup, in which the last time India won the trophy in 2016, if India has to establish its reign in this tournament once again, then they will have to work on these five aspects.

The first aspect of this list is to solve the mystery of number four, yes, this position has become a headache for the Indian team since Kohli’s era after Raina’s retirement, where sometimes Ambati Rayudu and sometimes Vijay Shankar Till now the trial has been done, but in spite of this, this mystery of the Indian team has not been solved yet, although Shreyash Iyer was tried here for a few days in between, but he is still injured and he will return till the Asia Cup. It seems difficult to get there, in such a situation, if the Indian team is not able to solve the mystery of this spot before the Asia Cup, then it will be difficult for the Indian team to win the Asia Cup.

Even if the Indian team works on this aspect, then the lack of finisher is going to be missed to win them, the Indian team used to worry about this place in the presence of Dhoni, but since Dhoni retired from international cricket Since then, the Indian team has not been able to find any player who can play the role of a great finisher for the Indian team, so let us tell you that the Indian team also tried many players for this spot. But no one was batting in the way that Dhoni used to do, although Hardik has been seen playing this role for the last few days, but even after seeing the way his form has been, it can be said that Hardik It is difficult to win the Indian team from this position, in such a situation, if the Indian team wants to win the Asia Cup, then this knot will also have to be solved very soon.

Not one or two, but many flaws are visible in the Indian team, in such a situation, the third biggest factor that can keep the Indian team away from the Asia Cup trophy is the lack of all-rounder, let us tell you that Hardik Pandya is not running in his form. And Ravindra Jadeja has not been seen playing for some time in any format other than Test, so if the Indian team is thinking that the players will be selected directly for any ICC tournament without feeding and it is better to go there. If we perform, it can prove to be the biggest mistake of the Indian team, in such a situation, if even Hardik Pandya does not work, then in this situation, keeping Ravindra Jadeja out of the team continuously can be the biggest reason for the defeat.

After the all-rounder, the thing that is going to bother the Indian team the most is fast bowling, in such a situation, let us tell you that the Indian team has kept Mohammad Shami completely away from the West Indies tour and Mohammad Siraj is also out of ODIs due to injury. Done and have returned to India, in such a situation, he is also running away from the ODI format and talk about Jasprit Bumrah, Jasprit Bumrah has not played a single ODI match for the last 1 year, in such a situation, if he keeps away from the game continuously. Directly these three fast bowlers are selected in the Indian team for the Asia Cup, even then these three players will be able to perform in the way they used to do earlier, there is doubt on this.

After four reasons, the fifth reason which can sink the Indian team’s boat in the Asia Cup is the overconfidence of the BCCI and the Indian players. While many senior players of the Indian team are seen resting after taking a break from ODIs, in such a situation, it is likely that the Indian players will be seen making a splash by going straight to the Asia Cup. The biggest headache for India is also going to be that out of their opening pair, Shubman Gill is continuously running out of form, in such a situation, Rohit Sharma’s rest from One Day International can be heavy on the Indian team.

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