Watch : Rohit Sharma hits 2 fours in 1 over to Tim Southee in T20 style, Virat Kohli shocking reaction goes viral.


Rohit Sharma is looking in great touch in the finals vs New Zealand. This has come as a great news for Indian fans who were waiting for the match since yesterday. The first day of the title bout was washed out but rain relented on the second day. Hence, toss took place and New Zealand won it, opting to bowl. Moreover, the total overs to be bowled in a day will be 98 overs and not 90. This will be to cover the overs lost on the first day.

For India, the openers were Shubhman Gill and Rohit Sharma. The new ball bowlers for New Zealand were Tim Southee and Trent Boult. Both the openers got off to a careful start as they watched the ball till the last moment and looked more compact while defending. The first six overs fetched 16 runs as the batsmen were looking to find their feet.

The moment of the first hour came in 7th over of the Indian innings. The bowler was Tim Southee and Rohit Sharma was on strike for the over. First delivery of the over was a short and wide one from Southee. Consequently, Rohit needed no second invitation to open his arms. A fierce square cut from the batsman meant that the ball raced away for a four through point region.

2 fours for Rohit!

It was a stunning blow in T20 style. The next two balls were better and defended well by Rohit. On the fourth ball of the over, Southee managed to beat Rohit but luck favoured the latter. It was a full delivery from the bowler that swung at the last moment. Hence, Rohit was beaten by the ball as he tried to defend it. Consequently, the ball took his outside edge and ran away through slips for a four. The fielder tried to run after the ball but in vain as the ball won the race.

The next ball was again much better as Rohit got an inside edge and the ball went to the wicket keeper. Last ball of the over was flicked to fine leg and the two batsmen ran for a brace.

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