Twitter Reactions: Bizarre Incident Saw Bails Fall While Ishant Sharma’s Batting

Credits: Twitter

India have been thoroughly outplayed by England in the first test. The visitors were dominate for almost the entire match after winning a crucial toss. Indian bowlers tried their level best but did not get any purchase from the pitch in the first 2 days.

Meanwhile, a bizarre incident took place during the fag end of the test match. England were on the verge of victory on the final day after removing nine wickets. However, a rare incident took place while Ishant Sharma was batting.

Jofra Archer bowled a short delivery to Ishant Sharma and the latter managed to fend it to short leg. But the bails were off and England team began celebrating for a hit wicket. Onfield umpire have asked the third umpire to review the incident.

Replays suggested that the bails were off even before the ball was delivered. But no one knew how the bails were taken off. Twitter were quick to notice the weird incident and have taken jibe and humor at the situation.

Here is the incident

India are completely outplayed in the match but will now look to make a comeback in the second test. The upcoming test match will also be played in Chennai starting Saturday. There can be some changes that are to be expected in India’s lineup after getting outplayed in that fashion.

Here are some of the best twitter reactions



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