Watch: Disappointing reactions of cricketers about the postponement of IPL


The suspension of IPL has come as a shock to some and disappointing for some. The bio bubble was breached and players, from at least four franchises were found affected by COVID. Hence, this season of IPL has been postponed until further notice by the BCCI.

Only about half of the tournament, was completed and almost half, of the tournament was still to be played. But now, with the postponement of this edition, the news isn’t great for any cricket and IPL fans. As of now, the biggest challenge for the BCCI is, to send the overseas contingent of the IPL, safely back to their home.

The players are from South Africa, Australia England, New Zealand and West Indies. A couple of players are from Bangladesh as well. After the IPL has been postponed, the reactions from cricket fraternity is pouring in. Be it the ex players or the current players, most of them have given their reactions on social media.

Some players have expressed disappointment over the news. While, some have appreciated the fact that IPL has been postponed. Some of the tweets are as follows





The only good news that, has come today regarding the IPL, is from the member of IPL governing Council, Mr Rajiv Shukla. He has said that IPL 2021, has not been cancelled but, has only been postponed. It will be played at a later date on suitable time and venue.

What if the situation doesn’t improve in India

The next International series for India, is scheduled in England. There, they will play 6 test matches. The first one, will be against New Zealand. It will be the final of world test championship and will be held from 18th June.

After that, India will play against England. It will be a test series of 5 matches. Then, in September there was a world T20 event, which was scheduled in India. However, with the IPL now getting postponed, and the COVID situation not likely to get improved, there is a little chance of World T20 happening in India.

In that case, the BCCI has already opted UAE as the optional value. Also, the remaining portion of IPL, might happen right after the World T20.

Now, the immediate concern of BCCI is, safely transporting the overseas players back to their countries. Also, thinking about the possible venues and time, where the home matches of India would be played, if the situation of COVID 19 doesn’t improve in the next few months.































































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