Asia Cup 2023: Rashid Khan’s got emotional after loss against Sri Lanka


In the Asia Cup 2023 Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan match played on Tuesday, Sri Lanka registered a very close win by 2 runs. The stormy style in which Afghanistan batted in the second innings in this match that held the breath till the last moment. He made the Sri Lankan players sweat, but at the last minute, Sri Lanka managed to win the match and with this Sri Lanka also qualified for the Super 4, while Afghanistan were out of the tournament with the defeat in this match.

With the victory of Sri Lanka in this match, the teams of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have now reached the Super 4. In such a situation, the first match of this Super 4 will be played between Pakistan and Bangladesh on Wednesday (6 September). Due to which the excitement of the Asia Cup has increased even more with the start of the Super 4 match.

After the crushing defeat in the last ball against Sri Lanka, Rashid Khan looked completely broken. Amidst the disappointment of this defeat, Rashid also became very emotional. During this, he was seen hiding his face with the bat, seeing Rashid like this, his fans also got emotional.


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